We’ve arrived in New Orleans. Off to bed.


7 Responses to “Arrived.”

  1. Jess Says:

    You need to do a cross country road trip in that car! Thanks for posting and for the pics. They have been great comic relief. While it may seem like a long trip to you, I will miss reading the stories of your insanely hot sweaty journey…. reminiscent of most road trips taken in family cars of my youth. Sorry I haven’t commented more often.. been a bit busy 😉

  2. Uncle Pete Says:

    Hey there Jdr & Adam,

    Congrats on completing your Dart from NYC to New O! Ready for the next adventure? Just located a 1928 Graham Brothers pickup that you could probably drop in a slightly used Honda 3.5 liter, 213.6 cu incher, and that should get you to the top of Pikes Peak in record time. Dallara might accept the Dart for resale on its web site, and Roberto Moreno would probably make you a deal on the Honda.

  3. david c reeves Says:

    Well done!

  4. jflower Says:


  5. Dave Spragg Says:

    Off to bed??? I seriously hope it was “off to shower”. I am happy to hear you made it and had some fun along the way. Cool write-up and a great car guy story!

    It made me think back on my days with cars that might make it to the desired destination without requiring mechanical work or parts. For so many years now my cars have been newer… I haven’t had a single breakdown in at least 10 years. Compared to the lives you guys are hoping to improve even a semi reliable piece of transportation is an incredible tool of empowerment. Good on ya!

  6. Will Says:

    Awesome guys, way to go! Sounds like you had some interesting problems to deal with, but with true spirit you overcame. So the burning question is, what happened to the car when you hit New Orleans? Off the scrapper?



  7. Cousin Judd Says:

    Belated congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, even if it was well after the fact.

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