Radiator trouble


We’re still in Asheville, trying to make sure our radiator won’t give out on us as we head south, back over the appalachian mountains. Yesterday, we found a hairline crack just in front of the radiator cap. We put black pepper in the coolant, soldered the crack, and made it 320 miles in the cool weather in the early evening and at night.

A leak sprung through the solder, though, and this morning we applied up some fast-drying, high-temperature epoxy called Quicksteel to the crack. After driving for 15 minutes, though, the leak was still there, perhaps a bit worse.

We removed part of the quicksteel, and realized that we had probably applied too much intially; the outer part had hardened and cured, but it was still pretty soft underneath. So we removed as much of it as we could, and reapplied a thinner layer to the top.

We also picked up an important spare along with breakfast at Waffle Haus — a raw egg, which will hopefully gum up the coolant enough to prevent more of it from seeping out.

Today’s schedule for the rally begins at Deal’s Gap, a famously twisty section of mountain road that’s a favorite haunt for motorcyclists and sports car drivers. We’ve decided to pass on that part; the chance of our radiator letting go and spreading slippery coolant all over the road could pretty seriously ruin someone’s day.

So we’re going to get it into shape and head out on I-40, bound for Gadsden, Alabama.


2 Responses to “Radiator trouble”

  1. MadDog Says:

    Is that a silhouette of the devil on your radiator? You’re not fooling him with your “for a good cause” shtick. He, and your fellow rally mates, know the evil that lurks in your hearts!!

    Either that or the moonshine is kicking in.

    -Dick Cheney and the Pacemakers
    (1993 Astro EXT!!)

  2. Itsy Bitsy Says:

    Ok, so I know ya’all had talked about cooking on the engine, but really I am not sure that cooking IN the engine is the best idea you have ever had…

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