Arrived in Asheville, NC


The radiator is a little weak, but we’re going to tackle it tomorrow morning with some JB weld and hope for the best. Onward!


3 Responses to “Arrived in Asheville, NC”

  1. benaj Says:

    Who needs JB weld? According to this Maxim article, you can fix that radiator with either cornstarch or pepper:

    Hopefully you two are having as much fun this weekend as we all are here in Lorain County. We are thinking about you, Press On young men!

  2. jdreeves Says:

    Ben, I had no idea anyone read about anything other than actressses in Maxim.

    We have already tried the pepper trick, to no avail. A raw egg is on deck.

    Hope you all are having a great time at the reunion; give our best to everyone!

  3. benaj Says:

    There are actresses in Maxim?

    OC is what is has always been, sh*tty weather and great folks (many now with kiddies in tow). Sorry you two had to miss it. Nice to chat today, although briefly before the next cell tower rejected you.

    Raw egg, huh? Something makes me think that the 250 deg internal combustion engine is not going to leave much gelled egg protein left to gum up any hole you might have that is leaking. Always worth a shot though. Any chance that old radiator neck is made of enough pot metal that a $20 muffler shop could throw a tack weld in there? I would think a quick drain, a few quick tacks and then refill might do the trick enough for this weekend. Obviously no need for coolant anymore for this trip, just run distilled water for now and deal with it when you get to BE.

    Keep on truck’n.

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