Quick update from Harrisonburg, Virginia


A quick update because it’s late, we’re tired, and our hotel doesn’t have an internet connection.

Adam: We left Staten Island NY this morning in the company of 50+ cars. Some teams went all out and did paint jobs, applied rubber ducks, fitted headlights from other cars…. A few teams are driving pretty nice cars – with air conditioning – but most suffer as we do on vinyl seats. Ok, we’re not suffering too much.

The Dart runs great, and even handles pretty nicely. Not the worst gas mileage, and it goes 65 without hesitation. Except on really big hills – but the extent of our tune-up was to replace the distributor cap. Wires are tomorrow. Might help!

The other teams are a pretty nice bunch – everyone cheers for everyone else. We travelled in a pack for a good bit of the day; people look out for each other. The day ended with a beautiful stretch of road called Skyline Drive. Beautiful even at the posted speed limit of 35.

Some photos from the first day:

Leaving NYC:



Skyline drive:

Gather round the Gremlin:

Instead of adding paint… remove it:

See more photos on my Flickr page


2 Responses to “Quick update from Harrisonburg, Virginia”

  1. hburgnews » BABE Rally stops in H’burg Says:

    […] far as I can tell, the local media missed this. According to several blogs I’ve read this morning, Harrisonburg was the first stop in the BABE Rally. The general […]

  2. nonsense bird Says:

    Go Dart Go!

    Skyline Drive is a great place to end your first day!

    And, RE the AC: you may not be suffering now, but I can tell you discomfort lies this way….

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