No Dart hood hinge photos here


Just checked the website stats for today, and was amused to find that someone found by searching for “dodge dart hood hinge photos.” Sure enough, we’ve talked enough about our dart’s missing hood hinges on this blog that we’re now the top result for that search. Of course, the more I post about them, the more that ranking gets reinforced. Sorry to disappoint!


2 Responses to “No Dart hood hinge photos here”

  1. Herb Says:

    Dave and Adam –

    As time permits, please post observations and experiences! I’m working with media folks up here in NH to get the word out. I am the new Marketing Mgr at Bonnie CLAC.

    Am following Team 25 with their GPA tracking and wonder if you see them in the rear view mirror (if you have one!). Also getting some news from the forum at

    Jot a note or two and I’ll be watching for it, if there’s any news.

    Take care, drive safe and good luck!


  2. Herb Says:

    Error! GPA should be GPS… Fumblefingers!

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