All stickered up and ready to go


Just drove the Rallydart back from Bow, NH, where the guys at Vintage Sports & Racing saved our butts helped us out by replacing two of the balljoints, at least one of which was probably original to the car. We wear their stickers with deep gratitude.

driving back

The Dart did great on the highway, thanks in no small part to the two hood pins that are preventing the hood from violently parting company with the rest of the car. Two small issues remain to be addressed before leaving: the headliner, which has not stopped puking little crumbly bits of brown foam everywhere, and there’s a hole somewhere in the firewall that made the inside of the car a very windy and cold place to be, even in 55 degree weather.

But the major issues we know about have all been taken care of, and we’re looking forward to heading down to NYC on Wednesday! Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “All stickered up and ready to go”

  1. doublescoops Says:

    that wind! my fault. Well… me and the car. I took of the vent door – it was really hot on the way up to NH. we can put the door back, with a little duct tape….

  2. jdreeves Says:

    ha! I was reaching around in the dark, trying to figure out where that was coming from. no worries. I’m just glad it’s an intentional hole.

  3. adam Says:


  4. Mario L. Says:

    Guys. that’s air conditioning . . the further south you go you’ll need it!

    best of luck on your expedition . . rally . . trip . . . .

    Keep an eye on the oil level . . 😉

    hope it doesn’t rain . . cause only the passenger side has a wiper blade . .

    But most of all have fun!

    Mario L.

  5. adam Says:

    thanks mario! couldn’t have done it without your help! I’ve got a few quarts ready for consumption sitting right here…

  6. h2ojoe Says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying the Dodge Dart. I have the same 1964 model, and I’ll bet the draft you feel, is the open fresh air vents located almost under the dash on both sides. They have to be opened and closed manually. I’ve forgotten them in the past, and had the same effect.
    I wish I could be in N. O.! My best friends are there. Have fun, and thanks for the fun. Joseph. oops I see you already found it. Nevermind.

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