Update: 4 days before departure


A long day, full of much action and somewhat less progress.

Adam and I went up to VSR this morning to get some Dart-related things done. We finally got the four-for-$75 tires that we found on Craigslist mounted on the Dart’s wheels; took some more detailed photos to help us ethically unload the car after our hypothetical arrival in New Orleans; checked the oil and fluids, and spent a while ogling the rest of the cars in the shop. Most importantly, we began to apply one of the awesome vinyl Chris Langsten from AMI Graphics printed for us to help us promote Bonnie CLAC… which we screwed up so badly that we had no choice but to then stand around and watch while he put the rest of them on properly.

The day started with me snapping one of the lug bolts completely off the hub while removing one of the wheels. For some reason, Chrysler’s engineers idiot team decided that the wheel lug bolts on the driver’s side of the car should turn in the opposite direction of the lug bolts on the other side of the same car. Since I was prepared for the fact that some of the bolts might be rusty and stuck, I used the airgun to torque it to the point that it snapped clean off the hub, nut, bolt and all.

Here’s a photo of the fruit of our efforts to apply the vinyl:

Chris rescuing us:

The flank of the Dart (lookin cop-tastic without those hubcaps!!):

The trunk (from here you can’t see how we mangled that sticker):

Finally, lest there be any doubt as to the Dart’s eligibility for inclusion in the rally, some photos of “challenges:”

The Dart, with the hood off the car, because there currently isn’t any mechanism to properly affix it:

The reason the hood can come completely off the car: a closeup of where the hinge used to attach to the hood:

The hole in the floor:

Rust on the driver’s side:

Some rust near the base of the rear window – it goes thru to the trunk:

The engine: she’s a good one

Some of our spares. We have lots of light bulbs, relays, small doodads and things.


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